Dr Harley Farmer has always been a story teller. As a boy in outback Australia he was enthralled by the Dreamtime stories of the indigenous Aboriginals recognising the power of stories to guide people. Rather than allowing his subsequent training in science and psychology to discredit those ancient themes, he realised how important the metaphors were for those who sought to gain from wisdom.

People who are ready to learn from others can do it in many ways, one being a good story which conveys the intended message.

His debut novel The Reaper’s Rainbow utilised the Al Qaeda brand to create a thriller. Readers interested in learning how to protect themselves from infections while in hospital gain the intended message. Others simply see the bad guys being bad. The Black Tigress, written and awaiting publication, encompasses conspiracy theories which he feels cloud the judgement of people whose efforts could be better directed to preventing disease. In Stone Spirit, set in his native Australian outback, he plans to intertwine the Aboriginal and Caucasian cultures. He has completed the plots and themes for several other novels.


His non-fiction titles; EXeczema. How to avoid the 7 biggest mistakes made while managing childhood eczema and What is eczema? How to end the misery present the facts which underpin eczema in a simple fashion allowing people to realise how easily and quickly the disease can be ended.


Various magazine articles and chapters in textbooks arise when requested.