Dr Harley Farmer co-founded NewGenn in 2002. The high prevalence of childhood eczema, chronic hand eczema and hospital infections means current products have failed to stop the diseases. On the basis that if you want a different outcome you need something different, people who favour established practices and paradigms quickly identify themselves with the diseases. Sadly that is most people. Therefore NewGenn seeks those who wish to advance, as they will be the influencers who break the disease cycles.


NewGenn’s strategy is to engage national licensees who will utilise NewGenn technology to address the diseases in their own countries. Those exclusive licensees will appreciate how easily the three diseases can be overcome with NewGenn’s technology allowing them to build strong businesses in a very short time.


Dr Farmer’s personal values underpin all he does. To him, money is simply a tool; the real focus is on the individual people who benefit from ending their own diseases. As he says, “When we look after people, money looks after itself”. It’s a fundamental value of NewGenn that a child with eczema is of greater concern than the money which will change hands in helping that child. That helps people wishing to interact with NewGenn to know they are of genuine value. NewGenn will remain a small company achieving its global ambitions through an international network of licensees who also put their customers first.