Dr Harley Farmer was raised in the sparsely populated north eastern quarter of Australia. His parents encouraged his roaming imagination and an appreciation of what could be achieved through listening, watching, patience and diligent effort.

Dr Farmer

At an early age in the Northern Territory he easily related to the culture of the indigenous Aboriginal people. In the tropical north, well known now as ‘Crocodile Dundee’ country, he became enthralled with the Aboriginal concepts of Dreamtime and Song Journeys. He spent his informative primary school years in Alice Springs in the arid centre, gaining a sound basis in both ‘white’ and ‘black’ cultures. He
vividly recalls the day in the early ’60s, while in grade six, when he was officially instructed to get more white friends. The resulting confusion simply led to him enhancing his interest in private.

He received an excellent education acquiring an honours degree in Veterinary Medicine and a Veterinary Biology degree in pathology, both in Australia, and a PhD from the Faculty of Medicine in London. He balances science and traditional common sense, often recalling the words of a wise mentor who told him: “In medicine there is art and science; the art lies in knowing when NOT to use the science”.

 Dr Harley’s career has centred on preventing diseases. He questions and listens to find the one point which allows him to prevent the disease process starting. His EXeczema programme allows eczema sufferers to fix their own skin in weeks. That includes childhood eczema and Chronic Hand Eczema in nurses. His systems approach for breaking infection cycles in hospitals is now gaining international acceptance.

His favourite way to prevent disease is to instil the necessary science into everyday life. People then find they have what they want without necessarily knowing it’s also what they need.