Eczema is an insidious disease that can keep people trapped in misery for years. I became involved when parents said eczema in their children ended soon after they began using NewGenn skincare products. That was logical as the products had been created to overcome Chronic Hand Eczema in nurses.


Therefore I entered the eczema arena knowing the disease could be ended. I rapidly encountered the official view that there is no cure for eczema and it can only be managed. Personally I’m content that a new choice now exists; you can manage eczema or end eczema. That’s provoking harsh responses from those who seemingly don’t want to know why I say it can be ended. Put very simply, most children grow out of eczema before turning twenty and since there is no cure, they all do it without a cure. But every one of them DID end their eczema. So why is there such antagonism to someone saying they can explain how it happened?


I want people to concentrate on the time AFTER eczema which I call EXeczema. Most of the success cases haven’t been that interested in how they reached that happy state – they were content to trust me and follow the suggested steps.


I look forward to the day when this can all be authenticated with the medical profession. Until that happens, I will continue to show people how they can fix their skin to end their eczema. I’m definitely NOT offering a cure; I’m providing sufficient information for them to move on and prevent the disease coming back.


If you want to join in, please do. If you prefer to challenge, please do as that will allow us to validate the EXeczema programme and its successes.